Varieties of Betta Fish Colors and Tails

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideSiamese Fighting Fish, also called Betta fish, are a popular household pet. This is due to their exotic nature, prideful attitude, beautiful coloring, amazing flaring tails, and their relative ease of care. Many people own Betta fish, but do not know much about the different varieties of Betta fish colors, nor the different types of tails that Bettas are bred to have.

Bettas are available in many different colors, patterns, and tail configurations. They are amazing and beautiful fish, unlike any other. What follows is a basic list of the common colors Bettas are found in. Just keep in mind that many Bettas are multi-colored, opaque, and even have different patterns on them that incorporate different colorings.

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Common Betta Fish Colors

• Red
• Black
• Blue
• Green
• Yellow
• White: This is not an albino Betta fish. A white Betta will be very bright white and have black eyes.
• Albino: This is an incredibly rare form of Betta fish. They are off-white and almost opaque. A true albino Betta fish will have red eyes.
• Brown
• Orange
• Purple

Bettas are also known for their frilly, flowing, filmy tails, but there are a wide number of different tail types found in the Betta fish world.

Betta Fish Tail Types

• Veil tail: This is the most common type of Betta fish tail. Most people who have purchased a Betta from a pet store will have a fish will the veil tail configuration. This is the long, asymmetrical, frilly, and flowing tail that many of us are most familiar with.
• Double-tail: Bettas with the double-tail configuration have two long, flowing, caudal, or tail fins.
• Delta tail: In this configuration, the fish has a fan-like, wide spread tail that is very lush.
• Half moon tail: This is very similar to the Delta tail except that it is more defined and intense. The tail is frilly, fuller, and more rounded in shape.
• Comb tail: Bettas with a comb tail will have a webbed, comb-like tail configuration with different "rays" or what look like "teeth" from a comb coming out of it. The tail is wide and fan-like as with the delta and half moon tail style.
• Crown tail: Has two caudal, or tail, fins like the double-tail, but also has the fan-like, webbed, comb-like tail of the comb tail style.

Bettas are available in a wide array of colors, patterns, and tail configurations. While the solid colored, veil tail Bettas are the easiest and least expensive to own, there are a huge number of different, more rare types for those who are looking for something a bit more unique or special. Keep in mind that there are also different breeds of Betta fish. This means that their needs for environment, food, and breeding may all be slightly different. This is vital information to have when purchasing a more rare type of Betta as you will need to know how to best care for your rare pet.

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