Types of Betta Fish

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideThe Betta genus includes more than 100 different species. The similarities amongst these species include small size, colorful bodies and ray-shaped fins. All of the types of Betta fish can be placed in one of two groups, based on their breeding habits: Betta Pictas (mouth brooders) and Betta Splendens (bubble nest builders).

Betta Pictas are believed to have evolved from Betta Splendens, adapting to fast-moving currents. They are often larger in size, less colorful and have shorter fins.

Betta Splendens are the types of Betta fish sold in pet stores. While there are seven distinct breeds of Betta Splendens, breeders have been playing with this group of fish for more than 200 years, making many of these types of Betta fish hard to classify. With all the different combinations of Betta breeding, its no wonder the genus now includes more than 100 different species!

Because all Betta Splendens are colorful with long-flowing fins, it can be hard to distinguish the species. The easiest way to identify a Betta Splenden species is by examining the tail. Here are the eight most popular and easily identifiable Betta Splendens:

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Crown Tail

This Betta’s tail looks like a king’s crown. The can extend to 180 degrees. The separated ridges of the “crown” almost appear as if there are several prong-like fins extending from the base. A more appropriate name might be “spiky Betta!”

Delta Tail

The ridges on this Betta’s tail are even and connected like webbed feet. Though in a fan shape, it does not reach more than 120 degrees.

Double Tail

The Double Tail Betta is exactly that: a fish with two tails! The Double Tail Betta has two tails protruding from the tail base. This Betta’s tail can also exhibit traits of other Betta Splendens, such as a Double Crown Tail or a Double Delta Tale.

Half Moon Tail

Similar to the Delta Tail, the Half Moon Tail simply extends to 180 degrees, resembling the shape of a half moon. The tail almost seems to merge the caudal, dorsal and anal fins, into one seamless flowing fin.

The beautiful fins of the Halfmoon Betta make it one of the most popular and valuable types of Betta fish. A true Halfmoon Betta (fins completely extending all 180 degrees) are fairly rare and as a result these fish can be quite expensive.

Plakat Tail

These Bettas have short tails, resembling a small semi-circle emanating from the tail base rather than wrapping around the Betta’s body. These Bettas tend to be more active, can swim faster and have strong immune systems. Due to their strength, these types of Betta fish are unfortunately often subjected to fish fighting.

Round Tail

This tail exhibits round edges, unlike any other Betta Splenden. It extends from the tail base, creating a round shape without hugging the body.

Super Delta Tail

These Betta’s also have a fan shape tail reaching up to 120 degrees, but the ridges are straighter and the tail is shaped like a triangle.

Veil Tail

This is the most popular Betta Splenden and the most common found in pet stores, perhaps because it is the most colorful and has the longest fins. Its tail arches and then slopes downward, like a wedding veil. It only fans out when it is frightened or trying to impress its mate. The tail is often longer than its body and appears to drag behind it!

Due to the length of this Betta's tail, it can be easily damaged. Be sure not to put any sharp decorations in its tank and use soft plants. While it is one of the most attractive types of Betta fish, it is also one of the most fragile. 

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