The Rare and Coveted Half Moon Betta Fish

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideHalf moon Betta fish are one of the most sought after and highly coveted of all types of Betta fish. They get their name due to the shape of their tail. This type of Betta is a mutation on the more traditional "delta tail" configuration, which is a good part of why this is such a special and rare form of the Betta fish.

The same process that one uses for selectively breeding the delta tailed Betta are used when breeding for the enhanced version called the half moon tail. In order for a Betta to be considered a true half moon Betta fish, the caudal, or tail fins, must extend 180 degrees from each side.

The fins must be symmetrical and balanced with clear and crisp edges - meaning no damage or abnormalities in the "frill" of the fish. What makes these such exquisite fish is that their caudal fins are so wide that they form a complete half circle, giving the appearance of a half moon shape, hence the name of this type of Betta. This gives the fish the appearance of being fanned out, even when the fish is docile.

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Breeders and enthusiasts are very strict and staunch in keeping the standards of the half moon Betta fish very specific. The attributes listed above are vital for the breeding of quality half moon Betta fish that are highly in demand and will garner a high price for breeders who are patient enough to try to breed this type of tail configuration.

Those who are purchasing half moon Bettas are often highly educated on the basic traits that should be visible in a "purebred" half moon tail fish. With the price tag often placed on these fish, it is not a wonder that many are so strident about the fish meeting certain criterion.

Of the rarer forms of Betta fish available today, the half moon Betta fish has to be the most popular due to its exotic beauty. They are costly and difficult to find, but it is not impossible to gain access to one of these exotic critters. You can check with your local exotic pet store or tropical aquatic fish store, or even do research and find a reputable supplier of half moon Betta fish online. For those who love Bettas, the half moon is a rare find and a great treat to behold.

Due to the exotic nature of the tail configuration, which just adds to the mystery and aggressive look of the Betta fish, this is a highly coveted type of Betta fish. There are strict requirements for one to refer to their Betta's as half moon tail, and these standards and the rarity of this breed is what leads to the rather high price tag attached to these fish. For collectors and enthusiasts of the Betta splendens breed, this is the ultimate find. Though it might come as a surprise to some, there are actually fish oriented trade shows, and Bettas are most certainly represented at such shows. This is yet another excellent place to try to obtain this rare beauty.

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