Betta Tank Care

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Before adding your Betta to its new tank, it is extremely important to filter the water to rid it from harmful chemicals and allow it to reach room temperature.  Water preparation is the most imporant aspect of Betta tank care and is the focus of this article.

No matter what size aquarium you have, you will need to purchase water conditioner, a thermometer and a container the same size as your tank for preparing water for tank cleaning. For five-gallon or larger tanks, you will also need an air filter and a small heater.

Tap Water Preparation

Fill the tank with the amount of water you would like to use. Remember, if your aquarium does not have a lid, leave three inches of room between the top of the water and the edge of the aquarium because your Betta is an excellent jumper!

Let the water sit in the aquarium with the lid off for at least 24 hours. This will rid the water of chlorine and bring the water to room temperature. To remove other possible contaminants, you will need to use a water conditioner. This is not necessary but you should definitely consider adding this to your Betta tank care routine.

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It is best to purchase a Betta-specific water conditioner. These bottles or tablets are available wherever Bettas are sold, as well as online.

By following the directions on the bottle (a certain amount of drops/tablets per gallon), the water conditioner will remove any dangerous contaminants in addition to adding supplements to the water to reduce stress and boost your Betta’s immune system.

While it is an extra expense, adding conditioner to your Betta tank care routine can significantly improve your Betta's lifespan and decrease its risk of catching a disease.

Bottled Water Preparation

When using bottled water, make sure the water is marked “filtered” or “spring.“ Distilled water must not be used under any circumstances! When water is distilled, all natural minerals and nutrients are removed, greatly harming the betta’s immune system.

Fill the tank with the amount of water you would like to use. Let the water sit for five hours, or until it reaches room temperature. Add Betta-specific water conditioner to the aquarium. Adequate Betta tank care can be surprisingly demanding!

If you use bottled water, be sure to use this same brand during each tank cleaning. This way, the level of minerals in the water will remain constant and will prevent a shock to your betta’s system.

If you need to change brands, do so gradually by replacing a cup of aquarium water with a cup of the new spring water each day over the course of a week. Water quality is everything when it comes to Betta tank care.

Water Temperature

Bettas are tropical fish. The water temperature should be between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Bettas can adapt to lower or higher temperatures as long as the change is made gradually. A gradual temperature change would be one degree per 24 hours.

The temperature that works best for each betta varies, though temperatures between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit are the most average used. If your Betta appears more sluggish than usual, the temperature may be too cold.

While keeping the temperature just right is an important part of Betta tank care, make sure the Betta's tank mates are comfortable too!

To warm the water, use an aquarium heater or lamp. If your Betta appears more active than usual, the water may be too warm. To cool the water, remove the lid and turn off any heaters or lamps.

Final Preparations

Once your water is filtered and has reached a desirable temperature, leave the tank running for a few days (including air filters, heaters and lamps) to see how these affect the water temperature. This will also ensure that all your equipment is working properly. After this trial and error period, your tank is ready for your Betta.

By following these simple steps to quality Betta tank care, your Betta will live a healthier, longer life! 

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