Is It Possible to Have Betta Fish with Other Fish?

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideTo many, Betta's are seen as solitary fish. While in their natural habitat, they do no generally reside with other fish, this does not mean that they cannot reside with other fish. There is one rule of thumb, however, that is unavoidable. Two male Betta fish cannot be kept in a tank or bowl together. They are also referred to as Siamese Fighting Fish, and this is for a reason. Betta fish are very territorial, particularly when it comes to other male Betta's. Putting two male Betta's is a recipe for disaster, as there is a good chance that one will not survive.

Betta Fish with Other Fish NO-NO's

Beyond other male Betta's, there are some fish that are just not suitable to be paired with Betta's. There are plenty of options for those who want to have Betta fish with other fish, you just need to ensure - unless you want to lose a lot of fish - that you keep the "no-no's" in mind. Betta fish are, by nature, aggressive and territorial fish. Trying to keep them with any other aggressive and territorial fish is not going to be a good situation.

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Brightly colored tropical fish are also recommended as fish to avoid pairing with Betta's, as color can make them aggressive, as well as cause them to confuse the tropical fish for another Betta. In particular, Angel Fish should not be put with Betta fish, as they have long and filmy fins that very much resemble male Betta fish. This leaves the Angel Fish very prone to attack and death by the Betta.

Gold fish, and other similar fish are also not recommended. Betta's need a very clean environment, and gold fish are fairly dirty fish. Pairing them together could be detrimental to the Betta's health because they require two different environments, and the gold fish waste changes the chemical makeup of the water - which Betta's are particularly sensitive to.

Safe Fish to Use When Pairing Betta Fish with Other Fish

"Laid back" fish are great pairings for Betta's. Those that are not brightly colored, and are not aggressive in nature are likely to be your best bets. Fish like minnows, danios, and even tetras make excellent choices for those who wish to pair their Betta fish with other fish. Docile tropical fish are great choices. It is helpful, however, to remember that this will be a process of trial and error, and you should expect casualties.

Most people believe that Betta fish must be kept solitary and cannot be integrated into a fish community. However, while there are fish that are not suitable to be paired with Betta fish - because of temperament or environment - there are many options that will pair very well. With a bit of research and patience, you can easily integrate a Betta fish into an fish community for a colorful and delightful addition.