Betta Fish Tank Setup

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideTo keep your Betta fish happy and healthy, do not even think about keeping them in the small bowl you bought them in! Pet stores do not have the resources to provide a large tank for a single fish and compensate by changing the water twice a day.

Aquarium stores, especially online outlets, will have several suitable homes for your Betta. If you only have one fish in your aquarium, a one gallon tank will be fine. If you add more marine life, a five gallon or larger tank is recommended.

The larger the tank, the happier and healthier your betta will be! Make sure the aquarium you buy includes a lid as Betta fish are great jumpers! If the aquarium of your dreams does not have a lid, fill the tank three inches below the top to avoid your Betta abandoning ship.

Because bettas are able to breathe oxygen in the air as well as in the water, an air pump is not required for tanks under five gallons. Bettas are not accustomed to currents in their natural habitat and can often be found sitting or drifting around the tank.

Placing an air pump in a small tank will create a current, forcing your Betta to swim constantly. This added stress on the betta will lead to health problems.

However, air pumps are needed in tanks larger than five gallons, especially if there are additional marine life in the aquarium. The air pump will help break up waste and algae, keeping the water cleaner for longer, as well as providing oxygen for marine life unable to “come up for air.”

Five gallon tanks or larger will also need a small heater and a thermometer to monitor temperature changes.

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Bettas also need a place to hide in the tank. Fake plants or large rocks will do the trick! Just make sure that these items are smooth as pointy objects or jagged edges will snare and tear the Betta’s delicate fins. Silk plants and smooth rocks are your best options. To secure these items, simply bury the base of the object in aquarium gravel.

At least one inch from the bottom of the tank should be filled with aquarium gravel or plastic store-bought pebbles. Bettas often sit on the bottom of the aquarium while sleeping, so this lightweight gravel is best for the betta to shift around to form comfortable spot.

Rocks found outside or on the beach are not suitable, as they contain bacteria and jagged edges. Be sure to rinse all items before placing in the tank to remove dust and dirt.

When deciding where to keep the tank, keep in mind that temperature fluctuation is a large contributor to betta health problems. Be sure to keep the bowl away from heating and air condition vents, windows and appliances that produce heat.

Bettas also enjoy watching activity in the room. Place the tank in a “high traffic” location so your betta can enjoy the surrounds outside of the tank! A coffee table or aquarium stand in the living room is a good bet.

Also, make sure the tank is near a source of natural light so that it experiences night and day. Just make sure that the aquarium is never exposed to direct sunlight, as this will heat the water in the tank. 

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