The Many Options for Betta Fish Bowls and Tanks

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideBetta fish are often seen as solitary fish, most often in tiny bowls. While a single Betta can survive in as little as a gallon of water - as they are native to shallow pools of water - they do prefer having a larger amount of space than these small bowls tend to provide.

With a bit of creativity, you can create the ultimate habitat for your Betta fish, and even create a Betta fish bowl that will add to the look and feel of the room you choose to place it in. Do not limit yourself to that standard, tiny little container for your Betta, consider your options.

Solitary Betta Fish Bowls and Tanks

Betta fish, while they can live amongst other fish (and will be discussed below), can live a long and very happy life in a solitary environment. There are many different choices for appropriate bowls for Betta's. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are often made from glass and plastic. Plastic is easier to clean, however, the glass bowls are much more elegant and will help the fish bowl to serve as decor, as well as a home for your Betta.

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There really is no such thing as "too large" of a space for your Betta fish. You must make the choice as to whether you are going to have a filtered or unfiltered Betta fish bowl or tank as well. The unfiltered option works best for smaller bowls, and does require more frequent cleaning and water changes in order to ensure that it is safe for the Betta. If you choose a larger bowl or tank, a filter will help keep particulate matter and other impurities that can be detrimental to your Betta's health removed from the water.

Betta fish also do really well when paired with plants, and this makes a beautiful addition to the decor of your home. When pairing Betta fish with plants, it is generally best to get a vase-like bowl that has a wide, rounded bottom. The best plants to pair with a Betta are philodendrons and peace water lilies. When you choose to pair fish with plants, it is important that you do not fill the bowl any higher than where the wide bottom ends so that the fish can get to the top for air.

Community Fish Tanks

Care does need to be taken, and research needs to be done when choosing to create a Betta fish bowl that integrates other fish, but it can be a stunning and very interesting environment for you and the fish. When placed with muted colored and docile fish that require similar environments, Betta's will do quite well with other fish. However, aggressive, territorial, or brightly colored fish are poor choices. The Betta's will fight with other fish, leading to a high likelihood of injury or death of one of your fish.

Accouterments and Cautions

When designing your Betta fish bowl, keep in mind that Betta's like a thin layer of clean gravel or small pebbles at the bottom of whatever you choose to house them in. Live plants not only help to mimic their natural environment, but they add elements of interest for your fish, and they also help to filter the water.

It is recommended that whatever Betta fish bowl you choose that it have a lid. Betta's are known for jumping, and could easily jump out of a bowl or tank without a lid present. It is also vital to keep their bowls out of direct sunlight, but in a warm place. Betta's are tropical fish that require warm conditions. Keep these ideas in mind and let your creativity flow when designing your Betta fish bowl. 

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