How to Properly Set Up a Betta Fish Bowl

Click Here For The Best Betta Fish GuideWhen choosing to get a Betta fish, a bit of knowledge goes a long way. An understanding of the optimal conditions in which they thrive, will help you to set up a Betta fish bowl that will keep your fish happy and healthy.

Once the basic needs of the Betta are understood, they are a very low maintenance pet, even when it comes to other fish. However, certain information does need to be known so that you can prepare your Betta fish bowl in a manner that will make its acclimation to it's new home with as little stress as possible.

First, you have to choose the Betta fish bowl that you would like to use. Glass or plastic work well, but it is vital to choose one with a lid, as Betta's are known to jump. Unless you want to find your Betta on the floor, the lid (with breathing holes) is pretty important. Betta fish originate in shallow pools of water in rice paddies in Southeastern Asia. This means that they can survive in as little as a gallon of water for an adult fish. However, for prime health and happiness, a larger container is recommended. While they can survive in one of those typical "Betta boxes", they will be happier and healthier with more room to roam.

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The bowl will need to be thoroughly cleaned before the Betta can be added. Betta's are incredibly sensitive which means you should never use any cleaners, even mild soap, when washing the Betta fish bowl. Use hot water only. All water used for Betta fish, whether during the initial setup, or during water changes, needs to be at room temperature. Tap water should be left out overnight, so that many of the chemicals and impurities will evaporate out of the water. Betta's are very sensitive to both chlorine and chloramine. There are drops and tablets, available at most pet stores, that you should use in the water to remove these elements.

When setting up your Betta fish bowl, keep in mind things that you can do to make the environment more pleasant and entertaining to your fish. They like a small layer of gravel or even small pebbles to line the bottom of the bowl. Be sure to clean the gravel or rocks in hot water before placing them into the bowl.

Many high quality pet store will also sell live aquatic plants. Betta fish enjoy plant life in their environment and it is also beneficial for more than just their enjoyment. As mentioned above, they are very sensitive to changes in their environment, even minor ones, and plants act as an additional filter that helps to keep the water clean and pure.

The bowl should be placed in a quiet area and should never be placed in direct sunlight. Due to their tropical environmental preferences, Betta's need to be kept in warm areas. If using a larger Betta fish bowl, you might consider a heating system, as well as a filtration system. 

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